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Improve Your Lifestyle

Move away from the grind and into the mind in the Feel Well Club.

Our world is evolving and wellness is becoming the top priority of individuals, families and companies. This doesn't mean you have to stop climbing the corporate ladder or making money.


What it does mean is that you can climb that ladder, open that business and make that money with joy, peace and ease using nutrition and other holistic practices on the journey with more sustainable outcomes.

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Join the Club

Feel Well.

As a member of the Feel Well Club you get access to all of our Feel Well Friends, Health Events, Training plus more. You'll also get access to the 2022 Feel Well Virtual Health Summit.

Membership Benefits

Monthly Group Training

Every month we conduct a health and wellness training in the areas of nutrition, fitness, scientific research plus more.


Many times, it's not that we don't know what to do, we just require support in doing it. It's a proven fact that individuals experience more success in the health journey when they've got an amazing community cheering them on.

Monthly Group Coaching

Every month we host a 1-2 hour group coaching call where members receive LIVE coaching to overcome health and wellness obstacles.

Access to the Feel Well Vault

Our Feel Well Vault is building, every time we host a training or group coaching session, members can access the vault to catch up and stay on task. All virtual events are uploaded into the vault as well.

Guided Support

Members can submit questions and receive feedback about their Feel Well Journey. This feedback can include recipes, workout tips, and referrals.

Member Discounts

We're building our partnerships and their happy to support you on your Feel Well Journey, by giving you access to their products and services at a discounted rate. Learn more about our Feel Well Friends when you sign up.

Join us for


It's Step 1 in our Feel Wellness Series.
Detox and replenish your Mind, Breath, Brain, Body & Business using fasting, juicing and whole body nutrition. Also replenish your spirit with daily check-ins and journal prompts.  It's a 7-day process. Fast as long as you can and then the whole nutrition party begins. The Fast Wellness Digital Workbook with recipes, grocery list and our preferred vendor list will be emailed 1-week prior to the next start date. 
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Yes, this is a monthly subscription.

Yes, there is a 14-day free trial.

Yes, you will receive a club membership package outlining the what, where, who and how via email, so please subscribe using your best email.

Yes, you should consult with your doctor concerning any information provided and/or before starting any of our programs, challenges, workouts, etc.

No, we are not doctors and you should always consult your medical doctor before starting any health, workout routine, program and/or practice.

Yes, you can cancel membership at any time, pro-rated membership fees will apply. No exceptions. Email for all customer inquiries.

Yes, you will be charged $14 on the 14th day of the free trial.

Yes, we love our partners, and do take every partner through a vetting process, but NO we do not take any responsibility for their products and/or services and shall not be held liable for any dis-satisfaction of any kind.

Most of our coaching, training and support is delivered via text, email, Zoom Linkedin and Facebook.

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