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August 9th - 11th

Join Feel Well for an

in-depth look at how the 

Breath · Brain · Body

work together so you can feel well everyday.


Do you have a strong desire to 
Join us for a life-changing gathering, guaranteed to help you reset your health and restore your well-being with joy, peace and ease.
Healthy Salad
Healthy Senior Man
You are aware of your brain, but do do you know how it works?
You see your skin everyday, but do you know what it's made of?
Let's get to know ourselves and


Feel Well is giving you an opportunity to learn and connect from top doctor's, researchers and holistic professionals.


Yats Palat

Inner Child Specialist/Field of Psychoanalysis
  • Yats Palat, Inner Child Specialist in the Field of Psychoanalysis Instagram
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Michelle Thompson, MD

Functional Medicine Physician
  • Dr. Michelle M. Thompson of Epoche Medical

GiGi Diaz

Founder of Seizing Happy, LLC.
  • GiGi Diaz Life Coach & Founder of Seizing Happy, LLC.

Michelle Fletcher

Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Expert
  • Michelle Fletcher, Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Expert

August 9th - 11th

10 AM


Opening Remarks


Welcome to the Summit! Learn what and who's to come.

10:15 AM


Re-Introducing the Body


What do we really know about our bodies? Let's get re-acquainted and explore our human shell.

11:00 AM


Feel Well Break


We have more than enough resources to feel well. Join us for our interactive Feel Well Breaks in between discussions. We will meditate, exercise, and prepare snacks together as we explore products and opportunities that make the Feel Well journey joyful, peaceful and easier.

11:15 AM


Just Breathe


We all breathe to stay alive, but how does the breath really keep us alive? Let's explore what the breath is, how it works and how we really harness the power of feeling well in every single breath.
Feel Well Magazine.png


FALL 2022

The Feel Well Brand is brought to you by ManifestHer Media and we're happy to announce the very first issue of Feel Well Magazine is launching this Fall 2022.


The magazine features articles from top professionals in the Holistic Community with support from the Holistic Health & Wellness Membership Community by Health Coach Michelle Fletcher.


If you are interested in partnering with our magazine, email for more information. 

What kind of content will we publish? Join us for our 3-day summit in August 2022.

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