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How to Make Money on Social Media - Part 2

How To Make Money On Social Media - Part 2

This article is part two of a series of 3 articles giving you the breakdown on how to actually make money (not just get free products) on social media.

Written By: GiGi Diaz

You see influencers and maybe even some acquaintances making money by posting their favorite products on social media and you want to get in on this!

I feel you! Who wouldn’t want to make extra money just by talking about their favorite day-to-day brands?

Wait… before we continue, two important points:

1- This blog post is part of a series, and you should probably check out Part 1, What are the different ways to make money on social media, before reading this one. It’ll make more sense.

2- You might be thinking, “I don’t have enough followers to make money on social media.” Followers have little to do with your ability to monetize socials! So, keep reading!

The reason established brands pay individuals like you and me to post on their behalf isn’t because of the number of followers we might have. These brands have plenty of marketing dollars and can easily pay for ads to get in front of the eyes of millions.

The reason established brands pay individuals like you and me to post on their behalf is TRUST! We have something they can’t buy: the trust of our followers. Your followers, like mine, love you and have watched your journey for months, maybe years, learning who you are, what you love, what you’re gone through, what you’ve overcome, your next big goals. There’s a trust that is built over time between your followers and you. When you stand before them and say “I love this brand” they will trust that you truly do and immediately, this brand has their awareness, their attention. THIS is what brands pay for.

So then, what does it take to get aligned with these brands? Or maybe you’re even newer to this journey and you’re wondering what does it take to build an audience in the first place?

The answer to both is the same!

Brands are attracted to, to YOUR brand, when you have a solid audience and message. Creating your brand and establishing it before your audience is exactly what I teach my clients to do. Here are the starting steps you can take on your own. If you want to go deeper you can always hit me up on Instagram.

What it takes to build a solid audience.

Brand clarity

What are you about? What makes you happy? What brings you joy? What are your passions and how do they show up in your life on a day-to-day basis? When this is clear to you, it becomes part of your content (your photos, videos, stories, blog posts, etc.) and it becomes clear to your audience. They know what to come for you for.

Is it parenting tips? Cooking hacks? DIY ideas for the kids? Social media branding info?

No matter how cute your kids and your dogs are, random pics of your kid, no caption no story no purpose is NOT a solid brand.

What’s your message? What do your followers get from following you? How do you make your page informative and fun?

These are the details that determine YOUR brand, which is step one to attracting a clear audience, which leads to our next step.

Audience Clarity

Remember when I said established brands follow you to get to your audience? They need to have clarity in your audience. You’ll attract the right audience by having you own brand clarity.

You’ll attract the right brands to partner with by having a audience clarity.

Who are your followers? Mostly moms? Mostly women entrepreneurs? Mostly 45 and over?

These are the details that brands look for. If your audience – whether large or small – is the audience an established brand is looking to reach then you have what you need to monetize your posts.

For example, I’m currently helping a Spanish speaking celebrity land deals with brands that are looking to reach the Latino community and it’s essential they do it in their language. She’s a perfect fit and has less tan 6k followers. We already have two paid brand collaborations lined up that will be totaling $7000 for 3 months.

Is that a ton of money? Nope.

But is it freaking awesome additional income for having only 6k followers while all she needs to do is create quality content about two brands she loves using? YUP!

And this is the start. With my coaching I know these brands will renew and others will also jump on board. So those $7000 will continue to multiply.

Is it super easy to accomplish this? No.

Is it super complicated? Also no.

So, what does it take? The next step!


The secret sauce to social media success, to success in any area of life, is consistency. But it’s also the secret sauce many of us lack in life.

You want to lose weight and you exercise every day for one week then stop.

You want to get healthy, glowing skin; you spend a ton of money on new products and follow a nighttime routine for three days. Then get home tired and tipsy from happy hour on the fourth night and skip the routine for some soap and sleep.

Lack of consistency is a big problem for many of us.

But it’s what makes IT work. Whatever IT is for you, social media, marriage, your health journey, it all requires consistency.

This means that once you have your personal brand clarity and your clear audience you need to stay consistent. You many get paid partnership immediately, especially if you’re working through this goal alone. But this is no reason to quit. You need to stay consistent to your social media strategy, always, to be able to build the trust in the brands that are watching you do what you do before pitching you. If you’re pitching yourself these brands will also look back at your posts and feed to see your consistency in how you do what you do.

To Recap.

The steps to follow, or ingredients you need you make money on social media are:

Brand clarity

Audience Clarity


Which if these do you find most challenging? I’m always here to help so hit me up on Instagram if you have questions!


About Our Contributor

GiGi Diaz is a Certified Mindset & Business Coach, media personality, executive producer and host of the Chats with GiGi podcast, and multi-passionate entrepreneur with 20 years of experience. She’s the founder of Seizing Happy®; a coaching organization dedicated to nurturing the business and the woman behind the business equally. You can learn more about GiGi here.

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