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Her Job Almost Killed Her

Her Job Almost Killed Her

How one entrepreneur made wellness a priority and transitioned from employee to save her life.

October 28, 2022

Quadeera Teart

A couple of weeks ago Sara Elysee, Founder of SoundMind Wellness made a post on Linkedin that read "My job almost killed me." These kinds of posts are becoming very common on social media platforms as professionals across industries are making wellness a priority, choosing health over career and money. We thought this would be an interesting topic to unpack and an opportunity for employees and employers to gain some much needed insight and perspective.

Sara Elysee and FeelWell Magazine Publisher, Quadeera Teart join together on Linkedin for a candid talk on #thefutureofwork and the courage it takes to make self a priority.


About the Publisher

Quadeera Teart is the Publisher and Editor-In-Chief at Feel Well Magazine. She loves teaching wellness and women-owned companies strategies to increase visibility and credibility through multiple forms of media. She's had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Harriet Cole, former editor-in-chief at Ebony Magazine, TV Personality & Wellness Entrepreneur, Yandy Smith-Harris and led brand initiatives for the celebrity non-profit, Honey Shine, Inc., a non-profit founded by Tracy W. Mourning. You can stay connected to her by subscribing to Feel Well Magazine and by following her personal page on Instagram.

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