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No Whey!!! Which Protein Powders You Should be Consuming

Whey Protein Powders

Protein Powders - Which type or brand to use, is a common question! While whey protein is a popular variety, and has been shown to increase muscle mass, it also causes inflammation. Whey is made from the protein left over in making cheese, which used to be thrown away but is now successfully marketed everywhere. It is highly processed. All milk-based proteins along with other animal proteins are highly acidic and have been linked to cancer. The intestines cannot absorb the typically high amounts of whey protein and this can also lead to intestinal toxemia.

For these reasons, along with the fact that I could not identify most of the ingredients in the whey protein powders I used to use, I made the switch to a vegan protein powder over 12 years ago.

Benefits of vegan protein powders include:

• Naturally lower in calories when compared to animal proteins.

• Higher in plant fiber

• Science shows that a diet loaded with lots of fruits and veggies, usually has better overall health.

• Drinking one of your meals for the day, helps to give your digestive system a rest. Be sure the drink includes fiber, protein, a little fat and antioxidants

• Healthy plant based smoothies help to energize you, strengthen your immune system and keep you “regular”!

• Smoothies are one of the easiest ways found, to add more plants to a diet.

That’s why I love the Complete protein powders from Juice Plus+, to make our shakes, smoothies, protein bites, pancakes, muffins, and so much more. It’s all plant based and predigested and rich in healthy fiber and plant protein and even includes some fat and other plant based nutrients and antioxidants!

Dr. Richard Dubois said the Complete shake has all the essential amino acids that our body needs which creates a "complete" protein. As a Vegan shake-- it's important! And thats one reason why it's called COMPLETE!

Beyond being a source of protein, the Complete protein has fiber to promote a healthy gut biome. I experience sustainable energy, balanced blood sugar levels and decreased cravings because Complete is a low glycemic load source of complex carbohydrates.

For many reasons Complete is superior to the highly marketed milk protein based protein powders commonly used by most trainers and marketed in most gyms. As the name implies, Complete is a whole-food, plant-based, balanced protein product with only positive results including reduced inflammation, increased muscle mass, reduced body fat, balanced hormones and blood sugar levels and more energy.

Who doesn't want that?!!

We drink it every day and sometimes twice a day! Dr. Sears calls it a Brainy Breakfast and says you can start giving it to babies at 9 months. If you are looking for something as a quick and easy healthy snack or meal idea look no further. I drink it as a jumpstart to my day for breakfast, after working out, and sometimes as a quick meal on the go. My kids take their “chocolate milk” to their sports to keep them fueled for performance too! It has a perfect score with the international rating for protein quality!! And the Juice Plus Complete contains all 9 essential Amino Acids. That's like getting an A+ in every subject!!

If you want to get your own stash of the Complete Protein, go to the link below to grab yours!

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