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She Went From Running Her Business On Protein Bars & Energy Drinks To Seizing Happy

From Protein Bars & Energy Drinks To Seizing Happy

August 10, 2022

Feel Well Summit Entrepreneurs

Since the age of four, Certified Mindset & Business Coach, media personality, executive producer and host of the Chats with GiGi podcast has been entertaining us via dance, radio and television.

She began her entrepreneurial journey with her first business, GiGi’s Academy, back in 2003 and it’s currently ranked Top 3 Dance Studios in their city. GiGi earned her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Anthropology as well as her Masters Degree in Global Strategic Communications at Florida International University. GiGi has helped hundreds of women heal their relationship with money, create more abundance and joy, boost their confidence and switch their mindset from HUSTLER to CEO so they can finally scale in life and business.

With all of her success as an entrepreneur she too experienced overwhelm and burnout forcing her to ask herself two important questions that would shift the entire trajectory of her life and businesses. Watch this one minute video to incorporate these questions into this season of planting new intentions.

We're also very excited to have GiGi Diaz as a writer and collaborator of Feel Well Magazine. Stay tuned for more articles from her on mindset wellness. Learn more about GiGi Diaz.


Feel Well Entrepreneurs is an editorial feature from Feel Well Magazine highlighting entrepreneurs and leaders who make health and wellness a priority.

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