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American Heart Month Series: How ONE HEART Helps It All Flow


Helps It All Flow

Helping You Understand What Your Heart Is & Does This American Heart Month

February 5, 2023

Quadeera Teart

I'm so glad you decided to join me for a quick education piece on the heart as we celebrate American Heart Month. The purpose of this ONE HEART series is to shed light on your everyday heart care, and to help you create a more conscious approach to caring for your body. Making it simple to develop the mindset and understand that what goes in must come out.

An image of the heart and where it sits in the body.
The Heart

What the heck is my heart made of and what does it do?

The heart is an organ made up of four chambers that divides into two sides of valves, vessels, tissue, the muscular wall and septum. The function of the heart is to pump nutrient rich oxygenated blood all around your body.

Why do I need my blood to flow efficiently?

Your blood is part of your circulatory system. I think it's important to remember that the circulatory system helps everything circulate, go around, flow and come together in the body. So the heart helps blood flow efficiently.

The heart is so efficient at what it does, it keeps metabolic waste away from other organs and systems that can be negatively affected by this waste, and delivers it to the systems and organs that will properly discard of it.

How does blood get to the heart?

It somewhat starts from the intestine, it really starts way before that, but we'll talk about that in another article. So once nutrients get absorbed in the intestine they need to get transported to the cells that need them. Some molecules, but not all, require transportation to other organ systems as well.

What role does nutrition play in the heart's job?

Nutrition is where we get our nutrients. The root word nutri means to feed, nourish, support and preserve. What you put in your body is either going to feed, nourish and support the heart and the entire body system, or it's going to deconstruct, block and destroy.

The food we eat is full of nourishment essential to our growth and maintenance. When we do not feel well, it makes it almost impossible for us to focus on impacting the world for the better through our businesses and high value positions. Solutions to our biggest challenges also come slower, if at all. The blood from the heart also helps the brain and spiritual body systems function with ease and clarity.

Eating diets rich in unnatural sugar, processed foods and manufactured beverages starve essential systems and organs in the body. When one system or organ starves they all starve to some degree, which starves our heart of what it needs to succeed.

It is getting stuck and mucked up with hardened unnatural sugar, processed foods and manufactured beverages. These unnatural items crystallize in the body blocking the body's natural flow and order. Please keep in mind that a lack of nutrition affects the entire body system: brain, colon, intestines, reproductive systems, spiritual systems, plus many more not mentioned here.

You can use this one simple question to measure how healthy you are keeping your ONE HEART? Is my plate full of processed or unprocessed foods? Am I constantly drinking processed or unprocessed, homemade beverages? The more processed foods, unnatural sugars and manufactured beverages you eat and drink, the more likely you are to damage your ONE HEART.

To put this all together in a way that leaders and business owners understand, think about the heart of your business. What is the heart of your business? What other vital systems in the business need the "heart of the business" to thrive and prosper? If the heart of your business gets lost, weakens, or worse DIES, what will happen to your business? Share this article with your team and other leaders you know to inspire more conscious care of our ONE HEART.


Acquire More Knowledge

Click any one of the links below to see where I pulled information from and to learn more for yourself. The more you know, the more you grow.


About the Editor Quadeera Teart is the Publisher and Wellness Curator of Feel Well Magazine + CEO of ManifestHer Media & Marketing. She loves teaching wellness and women-owned companies strategies to increase visibility and credibility through multiple forms of media. She's had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Harriet Cole, former editor-in-chief at Ebony Magazine, TV Personality & Wellness Entrepreneur, Yandy Smith-Harris and led brand initiatives for the celebrity non-profit, Honey Shine, Inc., a non-profit founded by Tracy W. Mourning. You can stay connected to her by subscribing to Feel Well Magazine and by following her personal page on Instagram.

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