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Elevating Women Entrepreneurs: Embrace the Magic of the Female Founders Forum 2023!

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

In a world where women-led enterprises shine with brilliance, the Female Founders Forum emerges as a guiding star. The Forum bridges gaps, transforms aspirations into achievements, and lays the cornerstone for a future where women's endeavors recognize no limits.

Women For Success Female Founders Forum Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

For visionary women entrepreneurs, the journey of empowerment and innovation is set to take a remarkable turn at the much-anticipated Female Founders Forum 2023. Hosted by the one and only Networking Maverick in collaboration with Capital One, this event transcends mere conference status; it becomes a captivating chapter in the saga of women's accomplishments. From September 20th to 22nd, the City Beautiful, Coral Gables, will bear witness to this dynamic event, where the aspirations of pioneering women converge to shape a brighter tomorrow.

Unveiling the Charms of the Forum

Attendees are transported to the heart of an empowering experience, where dreams are embraced and their growth nurtured. The Female Founders Forum isn't just a gathering; it's a nexus of purpose and ambition, where connections sprout, ideas flourish, and lifelong collaborations bloom. Picture a diverse tapestry of spirited women sharing their unique narratives of determination and grace, each contributing to a symphony of inspiration.

A Symphony of Wisdom and Wonder from Women Entrepreneurs

Within the walls of the Female Founders Forum, a symphony of wisdom and wonder resonates. Renowned keynote speakers from the realms of business, innovation, and leadership will grace the stage, sharing their stories of resilience and success. As they unveil their journeys, attendees will find common threads of experience and inspiration that resonate through the labyrinth of entrepreneurship.

"By nurturing these talents, we're fostering an ecosystem where women-owned businesses flourish, creating a ripple effect that enriches our economy and beyond." Lauren Marsicano

Nurturing Dreams, One Grant at a Time

The allure of the Female Founders Forum extends beyond stories; it embodies a purpose that resonates far beyond the event itself. Every ticket purchased, every connection formed, contributes to a profound cause that reaches beyond the horizon of the event. The event's proceeds will be dedicated to the WFS Business Shower Fund and Incubator Program, offering a lifeline to budding entrepreneurs.

Women For Success Female Founders Forum Founder, Lauren Marsicano, is always advocating for women entrepreneurs
Lauren Marsicano: Founder of Women For Success

Founder Lauren Marsicano, an embodiment of passion and purpose, envisions a future where women's brilliance radiates unbridled. "By nurturing these talents, we're fostering an ecosystem where women-owned businesses flourish, creating a ripple effect that enriches our economy and beyond," she affirms with a spark in her eyes.

Flourishing Amidst Challenges

Women for Success, borne from the shadows of the pandemic, understands the strength of unity. Their legacy is one of resilience, where countless women have found support in masterminds, workshops, conferences, and transformative "Business Showers." Lauren, who is also the visionary behind Women for Success, extends an enchanting invitation to all who share the passion for empowering women in business. She believes that together, we can weave a narrative of success that echoes across generations.

Invitation to Experience the Magic

As September 20th approaches, the opportunity to immerse oneself in this extraordinary spectacle draws near. The Female Founders Forum promises to cast a spell of possibilities, connections, and growth, enveloping attendees in a transformative journey.

To secure a place in this enchanted realm and reserve a seat, interested individuals are invited to visit the "Event Tickets" page on By using the code "GIGI" attendees unlock an exclusive 30% discount on any ticket level.

For those who seek prime positioning or wish to align their brand with this magical event, inquiries about table pricing and partnership opportunities can be directed to

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