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Melitsa Waage: Choosing Purpose Over Expectations

If I asked you to think back at a moment in your life when everything changed, the catalyst that led you to who and where you are today, you can probably find the moment in your memory files right away. For some it might be holding their child for the first time, for others finally quitting their nine-to-five, for Melitsa Waage it was being in the audience of a personal development event and feeling the instant shift and transformation within her. This shift quickly evolved from an interest to a deeply seated passion to elevate others in the same way she was elevated.

FeelWell Magazine Cover Feature Melitsa Waage of Epic Talks Miami

Realizing the power of communication and its potential to change lives, Melitsa made her biggest and best decision: leaving her medical sales career behind to venture into the realm of public speaking. This decision led her through a series of personal development paths including becoming a Graduate of Landmark, CEO Space, Peak Potentials, and Ascension Leadership Academy; eventually bringing her to her greatest achievement to date: launching her own entrepreneurship events.

This decision wasn't just about business; it was about aligning her profession with her heart's true calling, and it has brought immeasurable fulfillment and impact to both her life and the lives of those around her. Melitsa says she believes that “Living an extraordinary life is a choice, and through Epic Talks, she's empowering others to make that choice daily.” But, as it goes with most entrepreneurs the road to massive success wasn’t an easy one to travel.

Waage shares that one of the most profound personal challenges she’s ever encountered on her entrepreneurial journey was going through a divorce. “It's a deeply personal experience, layered with emotional and practical complexities, something I wouldn't wish upon anyone,” she shared. Navigating the turbulent waters of such a life-altering event while steering a business tested every fiber of her being. But it also carved out a deeper resilience within her. “Going through my divorce taught me to channel personal pain into professional strength, to find solace in my work's purpose, and to use setbacks as a catalyst for growth.” Even though our personal life is always reflected in our businesses, the entrepreneur path has its own obstacles as well, its own surprises and challenges. For Melitsa this was figuring out how to scale without having a blueprint on how to do it.

In the vast landscape of entrepreneurship, there's no one-size-fits-all guide.

FeelWell Magazine Cover Feature Melitsa Waage of Epic Talks Miami

While there are countless resources and success stories, each venture has its unique challenges and nuances. She tells FeelWell Magazine “trying to expand my business without a concrete roadmap was like navigating through uncharted waters. It required immense resilience, innovation, and a relentless spirit of trial and error.” But with all its hurdles and uncertainties the journey not only shaped her venture but also honed her skills as an entrepreneur. Every setback became a lesson, and every challenge a stepping stone, pushing her towards creating a scalable, sustainable model tailored just for my vision.

This vision can be seen reflected in Epic Talks with each installment. Growth, influence, connections, and community.

Melitsa’s journey of self-discovery and empowering others doesn’t end with Epic Talks. She is also a published author and the story she shares in her book Detoxify Your Mind: Gain Clarity And Control of Your Thoughts to Unlock Your Full Potential, isn't merely about personal growth, it’s a testament to the potential that lies within all of us when we embrace the power of transformation and choose purpose over expectations.

FeelWell Magazine Cover Feature Melitsa Waage of Epic Talks Miami

She’s generous with her sharing of advice and guidance not just in her book but in general with everyone she meets. When asked what’s one must know tip she’d like to give our readers she said “In the realms of speaking, mentorship, and transformation, my paramount piece of advice is this: Embrace a life anchored in fulfillment. Understand deeply that true happiness originates from within, and no external force can craft it for you.” She went on to say, “strive daily to evolve into the best version of yourself, relentlessly pushing past barriers.

When faced with rejection, view ‘no’ as a mere pause, not a conclusion.” Melitsa believes that every day we must be the unwavering advocates for our dreams and goals, that we must live with an intense flame of purpose and passion; and remember that if a path or decision doesn't resonate with your soul's truth, we must have the courage to walk away. “Your intuition, combined with tenacity, will guide you to a life that's not just successful but deeply meaningful” she concludes. From her impact as a speaker, to her book, to her Epic Talks events Melitsa hopes to leave behind a legacy of genuine care. One where her passion and purpose plays a part in individuals realizing their potential and sculpting a magnificent life.

My deepest aspiration is for people to reflect and say, ‘because of her unwavering commitment to her purpose and passion, I found the courage to embrace mine.

She hopes to be remembered not just for the success she achieved, but for the hearts she touched and inspired to seek and cultivate their own beautiful journey. “My deepest aspiration is for people to reflect and say, ‘because of her unwavering commitment to her purpose and passion, I found the courage to embrace mine." Learn more about Melitsa Waage at

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