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Nicole Cumberbatch: Empowering High-Achieving Moms To Invest In Themselves As Leaders and Mothers

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, high-achieving mothers often find themselves juggling multiple roles, from dedicated professionals to loving parents. While many invest heavily in their education and careers, the resources available for nurturing their well-being as both leaders and mothers have historically been lacking. Enter Nicole Cumberbatch, the visionary founder of the Motherhood Village Summit, an annual gathering dedicated to empowering women to invest in themselves.

Nicole Cumberbatch, Founder of
Nicole Cumberbatch

Nicole Cumberbatch, a former Corporate VP of Finance, turned Mompreneur, Speaker, Author and Podcaster, recognized the disparity between the support available for career-focused individuals and everyday moms. She saw the need for tools specifically designed for mothers, a toolkit that enables moms to thrive as parents and professionals. With determination and a vision, she birthed the Motherhood Village Summit, now in its second year.

The Motherhood Village Summit is more than just a career-oriented event; it's a platform that encourages mothers to invest in themselves. Cumberbatch believes that regardless of their aspirations, every mom can benefit from this investment. The summit is a place to learn, grow, and connect, allowing mothers to pour into themselves and their families simultaneously.

Everyday moms face a unique set of challenges, from knowing where to seek help to battling overwhelming feelings of guilt. The Motherhood Village Summit aims to eliminate these obstacles by providing valuable resources and a supportive community. Attendees discover that they are not alone on this journey, as they have the backing of a loving village.

How can high-achieving mothers join this empowering village and continue their growth beyond the summit? Nicole Cumberbatch offers several avenues for connection and support. Follow her on Instagram at @the.motherhood.village1 or visit to stay updated and engaged. Additionally, tune into the Motherhood Village Podcast, featuring insightful episodes with experts and guest speakers, available on Spotify and iTunes. By embracing these resources, high-achieving moms can invest in themselves, their families, and their leadership potential.

In a world where the demands on high-achieving mothers are ever-increasing, the Motherhood Village Summit shines as a beacon of support, encouraging them to invest in their wellness, personal growth, and leadership skills. Join the village, and let the journey of empowerment begin.

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