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Stop Feeling Helpless About Your Health & Take Control With Simple Changes

Stop Feeling Helpless About

Your Health

Learn how a Health Coach can help you make simple changes to shift your health.

August 10, 2022

Feel Well Entrepreneurs

Feel Well Magazine sat down for a chat with Founder of the Holistic Business Network, Michelle Fletcher during the 2022 Feel Well Summit to learn more about how health coaching empowers leaders and entrepreneurs to take control of their health.

Michelle is a Certified Health Coach who is passionate about teaching her knowledge of health. She is a mother and wife, who transformed her own family's health with the same tools and techniques she teaches. She has become a transformational speaker, leader, and mentor for the community as a health advocate. Her passion remains strong in helping women take back control of their health.

After having a successful corporate career for over 10 years in Information Technology, she chose to pivot when she lost her job after the recession of 2008.

She always had a passion for health & wellness, and was studying to become a personal fitness trainer, when she first learned how nutrition plays a pivotal role in overall health. After transforming her own son's health over ten years ago, she decided to become a community partner for healthy living. She partnered with the Juice Plus/Tower Garden company in 2011, and has been living & sharing her passion for nutrition & exercise ever since.

We're also very excited to have Michelle Fletcher as a writer and collaborator of Feel Well Magazine. Stay tuned for more articles from her on whole food nutrition and holistic health and wellness. Learn more about Michelle Fletcher.


Feel Well Entrepreneurs is an editorial feature from Feel Well Magazine highlighting entrepreneurs and leaders who make health and wellness a priority.

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